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Travertine Cleaning and Restoration in Austin Texas

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Travertine Floor Cleaning & Restoration Services

Travertine tile flooring is a popular choice among homeowners in upscale Central Texas residences. While it exudes sophistication and elegance, continuous foot traffic, accumulation of cleaning product residues, and exposure to acidic substances can gradually deteriorate the appearance of your beloved travertine floors. Don’t despair if your travertine floor has lost its luster, shows signs of scratches, etching, scuffs, chips, or has an embedded dirt patina that seems impossible to clean. Instead of replacing your travertine, entrust it to the skilled hands of K&M in Austin, Texas. Our team of experienced stone flooring experts not only improves the condition of your travertine but can make it look as good as new. Additionally, if you desire a transformation from rough, matte “unfilled” travertine to smooth, “filled” travertine, we offer comprehensive services such as filling, floating, honing, and polishing to achieve a glossy surface that is resistant to the accumulation of dirt and grime caused by heavy foot traffic. At K&M Steam Cleaning, we are proud to offer a wide range of travertine floor cleaning and restoration services to bring out the full potential of your flooring investment.

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Travertine Tile Deep Cleaning

Over time, dirt, debris, and residues from cleaning products can become embedded in the pores of your travertine tiles, causing them to lose their original shine. K&M’s professional travertine tile cleaning services utilize advanced techniques and equipment to thoroughly remove all traces of grime and contaminants. Our team employs specialized cleaning agents that are safe for travertine, effectively lifting away stubborn stains and restoring the natural beauty of your floors. While any flooring surface can get dirty as it sees traffic over time, unfilled Travertine is particularly difficult to clean when dirt has had time to accumulate in its hollows and low points. K&M can remove deeply embedded soiling, reverse the harmful effects of topical treatments, and resolve a plethora of other Travertine cleaning problems. We can make your stone look as good as it did when it was new.

Travertine Tile Stain Removal

When you have a porous surface like Travertine, stains can happen. Often homeowners can make matters worse, ruining the finish of their travertine, when they try to remove these stains themselves. K&M has the experience, professional cleaning products, and tools to remove stains without damaging your floors or making things worse.

Travertine Refinishing: Honing and Polishing

K&M’s stone floor cleaning and restoration team has the expertise to hone your Travertine floor. K&M’s expert technicians have the know-how to hone Travertine surfaces and eliminate imperfections like dull spots, scratches, and other damage caused by everyday wear. K&M can polish your travertine using diamond-infused pads or polishing powders, achieving a honed finish that leaves your floors looking new again.

Travertine Tile Floating

If you have unfilled Travertine and want it filled, or the holes in your filled travertine have become exposed and need to be refilled, we can perform this service (referred to as “floating” in the flooring industry) for you. To achieve a uniform finish, we hone and polish your floors once the filler is completely dry.

Lippage Removal (Grinding Uneven Tiles)

Do you want your travertine tiles to be even with the grout line so they are easier to clean? Do you need to fix uneven, unattractive tiles that are creating a trip hazard? The K&M Traverine team’s state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology will remove the excess stone from the floor, creating a flat, level surface. Once the uneven tiles have been leveled, we hone and polish them to your desired finish.

Travertine Sealing Service

After K&M has thoroughly cleaned and restored your Travertine floors, we can seal them to stop additional staining and damage in the future. Professional sealing is an inexpensive way to avoid the need for further deep cleaning and restoration work in the future.

Travertine Tile Color Enhancement

The natural earth tone colors in travertine are beautiful, but if you’re looking to change the look of a room, our skilled technicians can apply an enhancing sealer to intensify your Travertine’s color while preserving its natural beauty.

Travertine Tile Repairs

Do you have cracked, chipped, and discolored Travertine floors that are damaged to the point you are thinking of replacing them? Before you go to the expense of removing and replacing your Travertine floors, contact the Travertine repair and restoration pros at K&M. Our stone care teams have saved many Austin area homeowners thousands of dollars by repairing Travertine floors and preventing the need for replacement.

Travertine Floor Cleaning & Restoration Reviews

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I had my Travertine tile and grout steam cleaned today and it was awesome! The crew was very professional and did a great job! – Cathy G. in Austin

K&M made our Travertine tile floors shine like new. They removed a stain and scratches that I was scared would be permanent. – K&M Customer in Lakeway, TX

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Travertine Tile Floor Care in Austin

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