Having your carpet stretched lengthens its useful life

Carpet Stretching in Austin

Are you noticing lumps, bumps, ripples, or loose spots in your carpet? These ripples and bumps will not go away on their own. They are a sign that the carpeting is not properly attached to its tack strips and z-bars.

Until you have your carpets restretched, the problem will continue to worsen. Loose carpets can cause dangerous trips, slips, and falls. It will also cause your carpet to wear out prematurely.

The best way to keep the people who walk on your floors as safe as possible and prolong the life of your carpeted floors in the Austin area is to call a carpet stretching specialist at K&M Steam Cleaning.

K&M’s carpet restretching teams use a power stretcher to pull your carpet tight. The stretching team will securely attach your carpets to the tack-strips and z-bars that hold the carpet tight. K&M can also replace any damaged tack strips or z-bars*.

*Z-bars are the metal bars that hold stretched carpet and create a smooth edge between carpet and hard flooring surfaces.

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