Carpet care tip: How to remove soil and spills from carpet so they don’t reappear

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Do you ever notice, after cleaning up a pet accident, tracked-in dirt, or spill, that the stain comes back in the same spot? It baffles many homeowners how a stain can appear completely gone then reappear a week later. There is a reason the stains reappear. There’s a way to stop it from happening. Our cleaning teams often share the following information and cleaning tips with homeowners after performing carpet cleaning services. Customers can use these tips to keep their carpeting looking clean for longer between professional cleanings.

Soiling and wicking are the two main reasons stains reappear after they seemed to be completely gone.

Soiling happens when you use a carpet detergent on a stain without completely rinsing the residue away. The detergent leaves a sticky film that attracts dirt. A brand new soiled spot appears where the spill or stain you cleaned was. It will appear as if the stain is coming back again. But it’s really brand new soil, dirt, and debris sticking to the residual cleaning solution left behind.

Wicking happens when stains soak through to the backing of the carpet. If too much water is used to clean a soiled spot or spill, the water will soak down to that backing and “wick” the stain back up to the surface you just cleaned.

Deep-cleaning your carpets by calling a professional carpet cleaning company like K&M is a sure-fire way to stop reoccurring stains. Professional cleaning companies get rid of the stains all the way down to the backing. This way, wicking is not a problem. Cleaning professionals also leave no residue to attract new stains. However, spills will occur between cleanings. You can often clean them up without creating an unsightly mess that lasts until your next professional carpet cleaning.

How to stop soiling and wicking to percent reoccurring carpet stains between professional cleanings:

Get to stains quickly: Clean up a stain as soon as it occurs to stop it from soaking down to the backing of the carpet. A quick response may also reduce or eliminate the need for carpet cleaning solutions that cause soiling if not completely rinsed away.

Rinse to stop soiling: Blot the area you just cleaned with warm water on terry cloth. Dry it with another clean, dry terry cloth. Repeat this process several times. Take care not to use too much water. If moisture soaks down to the carpet’s backing, it can cause wicking.

Dry to stop wicking: Take a dry, highly-absorbent towel and put it over the area you just cleaned. Step on the towel to soak up as much moisture as possible. Next, place another dry towel on the spot. Fold the towel so it’s several layers thick. Put a heavy, flat-bottomed object like a stack of books or a laundry detergent bottle on top of the towel. Leave the towel under the weight for 24 hours.

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