Use this test to see if you need Granite Countertop Sealing service

KM Steam Clean Granite Counter Sealing

Not all granite countertops and flooring surfaces are the same. Some kinds of granite are more porous than others. Here’s a simple way to see if your granite countertops or floors need sealing and how often.

To see if your granite needs sealing:

  1. Pour a little water on your countertop or floor, a tablespoon should be enough.
  2. Time how long it takes for the water to absorb into the countertop (granite will darken when absorbed).

The time it takes for the water to absorb is an indicator of how often your granite needs sealing:

Water Immediately Absorbs: Seal your granite once a year and wipe spills quickly to maintain its natural beauty.

Water Absorbs in 4-5 Minutes: Seal your granite every 3 to 5 years.

Water Absorbs in 10 Minutes: You can go 5 or more years between granite sealing services. Use water test periodically to determine that your sealant is still effective.

Water Does Not Absorb: Granite does not need sealing.

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