Carpet Cleaning in Austin: Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning Services

KM Prepare Home Carpet Cleaning

Thank you for choosing K&M Steam Cleaning to professionally clean your carpets. To allow for the most effective carpet cleaning service possible, the following are steps we recommend taking prior to our cleaning experts commencing work:

  1. Clear Clutter From Floors & Furniture: Please remove all items that are sitting on any pieces of furniture that you would like our cleaning experts to move while they perform your carpet cleaning service. Additionally, please make sure there is nothing lying on the floor that would obstruct our cleaning professionals from performing their work. This will enable our cleaning teams to focus on getting your carpets as clean as possible without worrying about damaging or sucking your personal property, toys, coins, etc… into our carpet cleaning equipment.
  2. Safeguard Valuables: Please take care to secure expensive and fragile belongings like fine china, porcelain, or anything that could break easily from an accidental bump. Even though our insurance covers accidental damage, this is not a scenario any customer or cleaning company wants to deal with and we ask for our customers’ cooperation in minimizing any risks of property damage. Cash, jewelry, and anything of that sort should also be secured prior to any home service professionals entering your residence.
  3. Keep Children & Pets Off Carpet: For their safety, it is essential to keep children and pets out of the area while our cleaning experts are performing your carpet cleaning services. Many customers schedule cleanings when their children are at school or activities and put their pets in a room that’s not being cleaned or outside.
  4. Note & Highlight Stains: While regular carpet cleaning services do not guarantee the complete removal of all stains (specialized stain removal services may be required) please make sure to note and call our cleaning experts’ attention to any stains or problem areas on your carpets. If you have stains that you think may require more than regular cleaning to come out, email photos of the stains to for a prognosis on the odds of successfully removing the stain and an estimate of the cost to do so.
  5. Allow Drying Time: Schedule your carpet cleaning service for a time of day when you won’t need to be walking on them immediately after cleaning. While we thoroughly extract all moisture used to clean your carpets, they will be slightly damp at the conclusion of your cleaning and may take several hours to dry completely. The humidity level in your home can also be a factor that prolongs drying times in some scenarios.

When you are looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Austin, you need K&M Steam Cleaning. Call (512) 836-8900 for a quote or to schedule carpet cleaning services.

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