Our Pros Can Restore the Beauty of Your Saltillo Tiles in Austin, Texas

KM Saltillo Room

Saltillo tiles are a beautiful addition to any home, but over time, spills and dirt can easily stain these porous tiles, making it impossible to clean them with consumer tools and products. K&M Steam Cleaning offers top-quality Saltillo tile cleaning, repair, and restoration services in Austin, Texas. With highly trained and experienced professionals and the most advanced techniques and equipment, K&M Steam Cleaning is committed to restoring your Saltillo tiles to their original beauty.

In addition to indoor Saltillo tile cleaning, K&M Steam Cleaning specializes in outdoor Saltillo tile cleaning and restoration, transforming your patio into a beautiful and inviting space. K&M offers two types of sealers, impregnating or penetrating sealers, and topical high-shine or low-shine sealers, to protect your Saltillo floors and bring out their shine.

K&M Steam Cleaning takes pride in providing excellent customer service, and they take the time to evaluate the condition of your floors and provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact K&M Steam Cleaning at (512) 836-8900 to schedule an appointment and see the difference they can make for your Saltillo tiles.

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