Why Are Pet Stains and Odors So Difficult to Remove From Carpets?

Pet Stain Odor Remove Austin TX

If you’re a pet owner, you know that accidents can happen. Whether it’s a muddy paw print or an unfortunate urine stain, pet stains and odors can be frustratingly difficult to remove from carpets. Here’s why.

Animal urine is composed of a combination of water, enzymes, urea, uric acid, cholesterol, and other trace chemicals, including a yellow pigment. When a cat or dog urinates on a carpet, the liquid is acidic. However, after 12 hours, bacteria begin to transform the acid into an alkaline. The resulting salt from the alkaline mixes with the yellow pigment, causing the discoloration and stains that can be difficult to remove.

The longer pet urine is left on a carpet, the harder it becomes to remove. The ammonia in animal urine can cause color changes, particularly if the carpet has blue or cool tones. Over time, urine can also seep into the carpet backing and pad, making it even more challenging to remove by hand.

The scent left behind by pet urine is caused by ammonia and bacteria. If not properly treated, the smell can become worse when exposed to moisture. That’s why homes with pets can sometimes smell particularly bad on humid days. To effectively remove pet odors, the bacteria causing the smell must be eliminated.

Many store-bought carpet cleaning products are only designed to tackle the visual stain left behind by pet urine, not the accompanying odor. For proper cleaning, enzymatic cleaners or disinfectants, like those used by K&M Steam Cleaning, must be used. Professional carpet cleaners with high-quality steam trucks and equipment, along with enzymatic cleaners, can penetrate deeper into carpets to kill bacteria lurking below the surface.

At K&M Steam Cleaning, we understand the love you have for your pets, even when they cause accidents. That’s why we’ve developed expertise in cleaning pet stains and odors. Our professional-grade, pet-safe solutions are designed to eliminate the cause of pet odors, including ammonia and bacteria.

Removing pet stains and odors from carpets requires special care and attention. At K&M Steam Cleaning, we’ve seen every kind of pet stain there is, and we know how to treat each one. We use environmentally-friendly enzyme disinfectants to kill bacteria caused by pet urine, ensuring that your carpets are both clean and free of unpleasant odors.

Whether you’re dealing with a single accident or multiple pet stains and odors, K&M Steam Cleaning can help. Our expert pet odor removal teams can recommend the right solution for your needs, from simple enzyme solutions and deep carpet cleaning to an extreme pet odor removal process.

Don’t let pet stains and odors ruin your carpets. Contact K&M Steam Cleaning today to learn more about our pet stain and odor removal services.

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